Micronutrient Premix

Product Overview

Compound food additives(Micronutrient Premix) are food additives made by physical mixing of two or more kinds of single food additives with or without auxiliary materials in order to improve food quality or to facilitate food processing.

Premix Type:
● Vitamin Premix
● Mineral Premix
● Custom Premix (Amino acids & Herb extracts)

Our Advantages

Richen strictly selects each batch of nutrient raw materials, provide professional technical support and sales services under the advanced product quality control system. We design, produce customized safe and high-quality micronutrient premix products for customers from more than 40 countries every year.

Raw materials selected from inclusive & sustainable raw material database.

Premium formulation service from experiend technicians.

Full nutrients testing from CNAS certified laboratorys.

Product Application

Infant Formula

Nutrition Supplement for Infant or Maternity

Dairy Powder

Foods For Special Medical Purposes

Sport Nutrition

Nutrition For the Elderly

Fortified Staple Food